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Aspen in the Moonlight. Door carved inside and out.

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By customer's request, the door was carved on both sides with variations on a theme of 3 Aspen trees.  The 3 Aspen represent their 3 children.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

Here is what the door looks like from the outside. 

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

 Here is what the door looks like on the inside of the house.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

The stained glass moon glows when lit from within.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

 Close up detail of carved leaves.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer


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42 wide
1 Sunday, 06 June 2010 18:48
David Wiggins
do you make a 42" wide in this design? and how much is the cost with freight and tax

Tom' reply: Custom doors can be any size. For more information, go to CONTACT TOM page, or ASK US A QUICK QUESTION in left column. THANKS for your interest.

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