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Horse on the Steppes. Example of Incised carving on flat panel.

His selection of wood, attention to grain and the limited use of stains allows the wood’s innate luminescence to leap out at the viewer – creating dramatic and continued interest in observing the pieces under varying light conditions.  Couple this with distinctive, award winning designs and Tom’s work display a man’s love for his craft in his quiet way of unlocking the mystery of wood." K.V. - Colorado

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Those that want a compelling, simple design choose an incised door. The concept here is a single bold image. Like a calligrapher with a blank piece of paper, the carving is executed with a few deft and simple strokes, employing the "less is more" concept. Conveying a strong message, the lines are carved into the surface of the wood panel in a shorter amount of time and colored appropriately. This style of carving offers a dramatic image at a reduced cost. A great choice for those on a budget.
The closeup view of the horse, incised into the hard maple wood.



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